Summer is approaching & my air conditioner is still broken

Much to my surprise living without an air condition for the last more than 2 weeks has been pretty tolerable! The weather has been much more temperate than usual, which was a pleasant surprise… I open up the windows for a crossbreeze, & while the mornings are a little humid, the evenings have been charming… As a immense bonus, my bi-weekly utility bills have dropped by more than half.

This has enabled myself and others to set aside a little money, so that I could get the AC checked out before the temps start rising any further, and hopefully I also have enough money to get the air conditioner fixed, but that all depended on what the worker had to say.

The man came over last weekend & spent about thirty sixths doing a full HVAC plan inspection before talking to myself and others about the results. I don’t speak HVAC, so most of what he told myself and others sounded appreciate gibberish. I asked the HVAC tech to cut to the chase & tell myself and others how much it would cost… When he said it would cost more than one thoUSAnd dollars to do all the necessary HVAC repairs, I thanked him kindly & asked him to leave. It might as well have been a million dollars! Instead I will invest a small fraction of that money into a small, portable a/c unit. This equipment is only powerful enough for cooling down 1 room, but for a Summer this tepid that will be better than no cooling at all! Maybe when I win the lottery I can afford to get regular air conditioner repairs done.

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