I had a problem with our indoor air conditions

For the last couple of years I found myself getting sick frequently.

When I was a younger man I would hardly even get sick once a year, now it seems to happen once a month.

I started taking multiple unusual kinds of dust sensitivity meds, as well as vitamins, however nothing seems to help, but finally I spoke to a doctor about it. I know it took a while, however I don’t like doctors plus haven’t been to see 1 in multiple years. The doctor told me to consult an air quality specialist or an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional plus have them evaluate the air quality of our home. My sickness might be coming from germs, or it might simply be dirty ductworks plus bad indoor air conditions. I had no method this was even possible, so I went online plus started to research indoor air conditions. I felt like such an idiot afterward! Of course dirt, grime, plus pet dander inside the ductworks would have a drawback impact on our health! Even worse, once the ductwork gets damp plus dirty enough it becomes a breeding ground for mildew plus mold, which is even worse for our breathing. I called a local Heating plus Air Conditioning tech plus asked for an air quality evaluation as soon as possible. The results were pretty bad, however the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech told me it was an easy fix. The system wouldn’t need to be changed or fixed at all, I just needed a deep plus thorough cleaning of all our ductworks plus air vents. I look forward to breathing easier.

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