Without air conditioning device; I feared I would become mummified.

It was so tepid & dry in our condo when the air conditioning system didn’t work that I feared I would become mummified, however i didn’t worry about dying from the heat, but I didn’t want to get mummified while I was sleeping.

I told my condo what I was thinking, & he rolled his esure at me, and he told me you had to be dead to be mummified.

I thought the heat would kill me & no a single would suppose it. He said he would particularly notice if I had died, because he would be missing a meal. I slapped him & shook my head as he laughed & walked away. I am still worried about the air conditioning system breaking, all of us lived in the desert, & all of us hadn’t had the air conditioning system unit inspected in over six weeks. Anything could happen to the AC unit when the temperatures were always around 100 degrees. I called the HVAC company & told them I needed to have the air conditioning system unit inspected & cleaned. In this area, I didn’t want to go without air conditioning system… Two afternoons later, the HVAC worker was outside working on my AC unit. He told me the AC unit was working fine, although he recommended all of us changed the air filter more often! With all the dust, the air filter was nearly clogged, and now I had to remind my hubby to change the air filter every 3 to 4 weeks. I had a hard enough time trying to get him to change the air filter every six weeks. I wonder if he would show me how to change the air filter?

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