Without a/c; I feared I would become mummified.

It was so hot & dry in our house when the a/c didn’t toil that I feared I would become mummified… I didn’t worry about dying from the heat, but I didn’t want to get mummified while I was sleeping.

I told our house what I was thinking, & he rolled his eyup at me, however he told me you had to be dead to be mummified.

I thought the heat would kill me & no a single would know it. He said he would absolutely notice if I had died, because he would be missing a meal. I slapped him & shook our head as he laughed & walked away. I am still nervous about the a/c breaking! All of us lived in the desert, & every one of us hadn’t had the a/c component ran tests on in over several weeks. Anything could happen to the A/C component when the temperatures were constantly around 100 degrees. I called the Heating & A/C company & told them I needed to have the a/c component ran tests on & cleaned. In this area, I didn’t want to go without a/c, however two afternoons later, the Heating & A/C worker was outside working on our A/C unit. He told me the A/C component was working fine, but he recommended every one of us changed the air filter more often… With all the dust, the air filter was nearly clogged! Now I had to remind our spouse to change the air filter every 3 to 4 weeks. I had a hard enough time trying to get him to change the air filter every several weeks. I wonder if he would show me how to change the air filter?


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