Our brother dropped a little gas furnace on his foot

My brother dropped a little gas furnace on his foot when he was helping me clean out the attic in our apartment the other day… Every one of us needed the electric space gas furnace because it’s been so frigid around here lately, however the heating plan in the apartment does not seem to be working correctly right now for some reason; I don’t know what to do about it, though.

I don’t certainly have the money to have an Heating plus A/C contractor come to look at the furnace right now, and all of the money in my house service fund is gone at the moment because all of us had to upgrade our home office door not too long ago.

I was still working on building that money back up when the heating plan stopped working correctly… Unfortunately for me, the weather started cooling down a whole lot during that same time plus now all of us are stuck here in a apartment that feels way too frigid all the time. That’s how all of us ended up in the attic the other day in the first place. I figured that since all of us couldn’t afford to get the actual heating plan fixed, I would try something else instead. I decided to get the electric space gas furnace down from the attic although I couldn’t get to it because of all of the junk in the way… My brother came over to help me transfer everything plus get the space gas furnace out of the attic. That’s when he ended up tripping on a box in the attic plus dropping the electric space gas furnace right on top of his foot!

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