My sister is an HVAC technician

My sister is an HVAC technician and she’s the only woman I know who works in that profession.

Whenever she first got out of school then she told us that she was going to go to her local technical school to get her heating and cooling certification, none of us could really believe it.

My sister was always really prissy back when we were growing up. She was not interested in getting her hands dirty at all when we were kids. Even when I was out climbing trees and things like that, my sister was always in the house playing with dolls. So whenever she told us that she wanted to go into the trades, and specifically she wanted to become a heating and cooling technician, we were all really shocked. Apparently, she had been doing a lot of research on different jobs and she found out that HVAC technicians always have quite a bit of job security. That’s especially true in the area where we live, for some reason. My sister has always said that she does not want to leave our hometown, so finding something that has job security here in our area was really important to her. Much to the surprise of everyone in our family, she ended up doing really well in her classes. She graduated at the top of her class and she got her heating and cooling certification. Now, she is a heating and cooling technician here in town and she really loves her job. She is the only female at her company and she really likes it that way.


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