I have l gained a lot about Heating

I am amazed at how much I have l gained about Heating & Air Conditioning technology within the recent years.

I know it is because our hubby is a heating & cooling system worker, & oftentimes when he is done working, he will talk about his day & the cooling system component he deals with. I know I have been memorizing a lot of the things he says, because now when I look at strange kinds of heating & cooling system devices, I can usually name which genre it is, naming the genre of Heating & Air Conditioning machine seems to be our specialty; For example, off the top of our head I can name many systems. Like the central cooling system, window cooling system & ductless cooling system. Then if you include oil furnaces, there is the gas furnace, space heaters, boiler systems & radiant heated flooring. It is funny how just a few years ago, if you asked me anything involving heating & cooling technology, I would have no clue! It just goes to show how much you can learn in a short phase of time. All of this talk about heating & cooling system component has me more curious about reading about the Heating & Air Conditioning industry than ever. I think I am going to go & check out a few books from the local Barnes & Noble, & talk to our hubby’s Heating & Air Conditioning company to see what else I can learn, then even our hubby is surprised at our eagerness to learn everything I can about his work field & the technology that surrounds it.


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