My boyfriend is a cooling technician

My boyfriend is a professional cooling technician. He works at a local heating and air conditioning company, and he has been working there since he was 18. He graduated as a certified HVAC specialist 7 years ago, and he has been doing great since then. I think he has a pretty cool job, at least compared to mine. But there is one aspect about being a HVAC worker that I know annoys him. As soon as people realize he is a heating and air conditioning worker, he gets all sorts of comments. People asking if he could look at their HVAC equipment for example. The last thing he wants to do after spending several hours repairing cooling equipment, is to get off work and repair more A/C devices. He usually tells them to get in line. The second thing is when people make jokes about him owing them A/C services since they’re his friends or family. He has told me how this annoys him, because while he usually doesn’t mind helping people out, he does not like to feel obligated to. This has gotten to the point where he doesn’t mention that he is a HVAC worker all that often. The last and probably most annoying comment is when people find his job funny. Some people truly believe that HVAC specialists do not have an important job, and therefore it isn’t a real job. It must be hard being a HVAC professional, but it does come with a lot of benefits.



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