Controlling the temperature is the best part of toiling from home

Controlling the temperature is the best part of toiling from home, by far.

I feel that absolutely sounds deranged to some people, but back when I was toiling in an office building, the indoor air quality was always just terrible.

I would dread going into toil just about every day because the temperature inside of the building was never right, in my opinion. During the summer, they had the air conditioner running always and the arena started to feel like the inside of a freezer! I was so cold while I was in the summer’s at my desk that I always had a big sweater on and a small electric space gas furnace running at my feet. I remember how good it used to feel whenever I would walk outside out of the cold air conditioner into the tepid sunlight in the parking lot. I would even sit in my car that was burning tepid from being in the sun all day and just let the warmth seep into my bones for a few hours before I would start the car up. It was terrible and I hated it. It was the same thing while I was in the winter, too. They kept the temperature control terms up so high that I felt like I was toiling from the inside of a oil furnace or something! So, blatantly, now that I am toiling from home, the best part is the fact that I am the 1 who gets to control the temperature control settings at all times. Occasionally I miss my toil colleagues, but most of the time I am good all by myself with my great indoor air quality.

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