The air quality on the top floor is not good

The air quality on the top floor of our home is just not good lately, however i do not feel what has going on up there, even though I guess that there might be something wrong with our ventilation system; At first, I thought that it was a problem with our oil furnace… But our oil oil furnace is relatively up-to-date and the rest of the home stays overheated all the time the way that it is supposed to.

It’s just the upstairs that seems to be having concerns this winter.

When I called our local heating and cooling company to ask them what they thought the problem might be, they said that they would have to come out and take a look at it, but that it sounded like the two of us were having trouble with our air duct and not with our oil oil furnace. I did not want to do it, even though I went ahead and made an appointment with them because something has to be done, however our kids all sleep on the top floor of our house, and it is really cold cold up there. If it was closer to Springtime, then I absolutely would have just let it go, however, usually the weather does not start heating up around here until the middle of May. We have absolutely long winters around here, and the rapidly changing temperatures are still really cold outside, however that means that the upstairs of our home is frigid, especially at night whenever everyone is trying to sleep. I am hoping that it is a easy maintenance and they just need to do some air duct sealing or something like that.

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