Controlling the temperature is the best section of working from home

Controlling the temperature is the best section of working from home, by far.

I suppose that absolutely sounds deranged to some people, but back when I was working in an office building, the indoor air conditions was consistently just terrible.

I would dread going into labor just about every day because the temperature inside of the building was never right, in our opinion; During the summer, they had the air conditioning running always plus the location started to guess like the inside of a freezer! I was so cold during the summer’s at our desk that I consistently had a huge overcoat on plus a small electric space oil furnace running at our feet. I remember how great it used to guess whenever I would walk outside out of the cold air conditioning into the tepid sunshine in the parking lot. I would even kneel in our car that was burning tepid from being in the sunshine all day plus just let the warmth seep into our bones for a few minutes before I would start the car up. It was exhausting plus I hated it. It was the same thing during the winter, too. They kept the control unit terms up so high that I felt like I was working from the inside of a oil furnace or something! So, evidently, now that I am working from home, the best section is the fact that I am the 1 who gets to control the control unit settings at all times, sometimes I miss our labor colleagues, but most of the time I am enjoyable all by myself with our great indoor air conditions.
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