My son is driving me crazy about a heater

My son is driving me crazy about getting a heater out in the horse barn.

I don’t really know what set him off when it comes to this particular topic, but he just will not stop talking about how his horse is way too cold out there in the barn.

This is the first year that he is ever worried about it so much. I don’t know if he read something about a horse being too cold or what, but he is driving me crazy. My son loves his horse more than anything else in this whole entire world. He would probably sleep out there in the barn if he could. Maybe that’s why he is talking about getting a heating system put out there. I don’t really know what is going on with him, but I am beginning to think that I will just let him do it so he will stop bugging me about it all the time! I told him that horses are just not like humans and that they do not need the same kind of heating systems that we need. He says that the horse is more human than a lot of humans that he knows, and I can’t really fault him with that kind of thinking. He is actually right about a lot of the people that we come in contact with! Anyway, I keep telling him that we don’t really have to put a heating system out there in the barn because I am afraid that it is a fire hazard. He doesn’t see things the same way, though. He is bound and determined to put a heating system out there.

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