It’s important to find the right thermostat

My brother and I had plans to meet up in town for a cup of coffee.

This had become our Friday ritual after work so we could keep in touch with one another.

I was married and had a family, and he was busy with his new career. So it was hard to hang out like we used to do when we were in college. My brother and I are fraternal twins and have always had a close bond. Even as teens, we hung around with the same crew, and never separated like other siblings. We chose to go to the same college, and now live in the same town. However, life and careers have taken us in different directions, so we now have to make more of an effort to meet up. This time we wanted to check out this new cafe in town, and we got there about 10 minutes apart. My brother was talking about his HVAC system and some issues he’d been having. Instead of hiring a HVAC business for the job, my brother had opted to do a HVAC job himself. He noticed the thermostat in his home was malfunctioning, and it needed an immediate replacement. My brother went ahead and placed an order on a new thermostat for his home. Unfortunately, the new thermostat that arrived wasn’t compatible with his HVAC system. This meant he’d wasted money and time that would have been better spent consulting an HVAC professional. Now, my brother was forced to hire an HVAC professional to determine the right thermostat for him to add in his home. I laughed because this was just like him, stubborn and thinks he knows everything.



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