Looking to improve my wood heating setup

Ever since I was old enough to safely swing an ax, I have been helping our family chop wood.

I am ecstatic that I learned the skill early on because now that I live alone, there is no one but me to keep our wood supply restocked for every winter time season.

Unfortunately, temperatures seem to get colder and worse every single year, as our region hits current records for lows, then last year our power grid was hit especially hard and some cities in this state went without electricity for a month and a half while the energy companies desperately tried to restore them. It’s hard to stay warm in freezing temperatures if your means of heating your home is taken away from you. But for me, this isn’t an issue as I’ve always relied primarily on wood heating for our homes to prevent ever relying too much on other forms of energy. That way I have heat even in the worst weather conditions. That is critical for surviving in a frosty environment. and, I have made updates to our wood oil furnace over the years. Instead of using the fireplace built into the wall, I have several separate wood stoves on opposite ends of the home that do a fine job of releasing heat into the air without losing too much of it up either chimney. I also have those little fans that run off heat energy that you can affix to the tops of each wood stove to push some of that radiant heat around the room and disperse it better.

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