The heating system made Christmas day blissful

Dad confesses he was hesitant when mom asked if we could go somewhere for the holidays.

Each year, we stayed at home and opened presents on Christmas afternoon.

However, this year mom felt we should go on an adventure, and this turned out to be awesome though there were some challenging moments, and mom found a winter trip rental somewhere nice and calm. Fortunately, the locale was available, so mom rushed to rent it for 10 days. We packed up our things, and the presents and set off on a winter adventure. The drive to this trip rental wasn’t too bad, however there was so much ice on the road that dad had to drive slowly. It took 6 hours to get there, but the view on the way, and the adventure spirit was amazing. Plus, it helped that our truck had the best heating that kept us comfortable. When we arrived at the rental, dad went to turn on the gas furnace, however nothing happened. It was already late so there was no way to get anyone to inspect it at that hour. Thankfully, we had packed our space heaters so we used all 3 of them that night. The following afternoon, we spoke with the rental agent about the faulty gas furnace, and she was apologetic. The lady was fast to hire an Heating & Air Conditioning expert to check it out. It didn’t take long for a Heating and Air Conditioning expert to come by, do the repair and leave the unit running. The heating plan made Christmas afternoon blissful, and that was the best experience ever.

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