They could use the heat pump to keep their home comfortable

Owning a beach house seems high-priced and glamorous for many people.

And to be honest, it’s the best thing ever.

Joe and Mindy get to wake up to the sound of the ocean, and the doves in their trees. Plus, most evenings they get to watch the magical sunset that happens on the horizon. However, there’s another side to residing so close to the water. The couple come face to face with this each year when it’s hurricane season. Joe and Mindy aren’t in the direct path of many hurricanes, but they get the after effect. There’s rain, and water, and so much debris that washes up on their beach. With climate change. Things seem to be getting worse. Joe and Mindy got to see that this past summer. There were hurricane warnings all over the place, which was too close to home. This had them freaking out because this hasn’t happened before. Fortunately, the freak weather happened away from their area, however it was strong enough to knock the power off. Joe and Mindy never went without air conditioning at the beach house for more than an afternoon. However, it was 6 afternoons before they had power back, and could use the heat pump to keep their home cool. This whole incident had them thinking about the future. Now Joe and Mindy are in the process of getting a generator to ensure they have electricity even when the power is out. Plus, they are looking into reinforcing the beach house just in case they have such disappointing weather next summer. A beach house without a heat pump feels awful given the heat and humidity they get in summer.

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