Mean cats on a heating unit

We have three cats in this house, my two and my roommate’s one.

Her animal is a bit more aggressive than mine and likes to attack my cats when she gets the chance.

My cats are still really young and just want to play, however her animal is older and is more in the fighting mood most of the time it seems. So today, I am going to go to the store in a little while and get some treats for her animal to try and tame it a bit. I also have to buy a furnace filter at the local business, if they are even open today, and maybe I will get some time to disinfect the HEPA filter in the cooling system unit. Other than that, I am just going to get my writing toil done, my shopping done, and do my yoga for the afternoon before I go to the beach to watch the sun sink into the sea. I am going to meet this heating expert and we are going to watch the sunset on a bench and try to stay warm next to this gas space heating system that the city so kindly put up for people like us to stay warm. My friend and I will then come back and eat some food at my flat and maybe watch a documentary about volcanoes or something hot like that! Tomorrow I have to toil on a commercial air conditioning plan with a cooling rep for a couple of hours, and after that I am going to meet another acquaintance for a meditation session.


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