Four cooling device stories for you

Well, I have to write a few more stories and after that I have another 45 mins of other online work, and after that I am free for the rest of the afternoon.

  • I should be all done by 4pm today and after that I will knock out my 15 min yoga session and race to the beach with my sound plan and drum to meet my bandmate.

My friend and I will play songs till the sunshine goes down and after that I have to seek shelter from the cold, as tonight it is going to go way down below frosty for the night. My hot water heating system is brand new and I am going to use it for a warm bath tonight, along with my little radiant space heating system beside me, while I study a book and listen to some songs. I prefer to take warm baths at night because it really relaxes me and helps me sleep a lot deeper. I am working next month on a commercial heating and A/C plan with this heating worker for a few afternoons and after that I will do a small task for this local business. That is the extent of my work next month, and I guess that the weather is going to start getting even colder when next month comes. That is the coldest month of the year and my heating plan is usually running a lot to keep everyone warm and cozy in the flat. My friend and I have three cats and they usually sleep together all night to keep each other warm. They are almost like one large natural space heater.