Singing beside the fireplace

I was pretty wiped out today from singing and drinking wine on the beach with a group of friends, as my friend and I had more than nine people show up in waves while we sat around the fire singing, eating, and carrying on. You’re not supposed to have fires on the beach, however we decided to make one on this vacant and remote beach anyways. It went off without a hitch and we had a lot of fun for the night, but today I am dragging a bit more than normal, which is totally understandable and acceptable for me. My heating as well as A/C device writing work and my online heat pump sales are going to be done slowly and steadily, and the cleaning of my washable HEPA filter will happen at some point in the afternoon too. My friend and I are planning on playing songs by this local corporation later this afternoon, but I need to focus and get this job done, along with my yoga and shopping for the week. My heating worker acquaintance will come by next month to work on the gas furnace and also try to get my ducts cleaned too. It is a lot to get done in one afternoon so if she doesn’t finish the job then I’ll have\ her come over to complete stage two of the task. The heating and A/C air ducts haven’t been cleaned in a long time and are way overdue for a superb cleaning by the heating and cooling corporation. I could do it myself but I have my hands full with all of my other jobs that I have to do online.


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