I had little expectations for the hotels cooling system

I’m legitimately not a huge fan of traveling on the road.

I had to do it a lot as a child because our parents went back plus forth between numerous uncommon states.

My father had a job that was in one place one season plus another place in a uncommon season. It was terrible enough not having a consistent group of friends at that age, but it made it even worse struggling through school. I might do one semester with one group of teachers before having to uproot myself plus travel to a uncommon location to work with new teachers. If given the choice, I would try to avoid giving our kids a life appreciate this. I assume how hard it was on myself and others plus I don’t want to put our own children through the same trials plus tribulations that plagued myself and others so many years ago. On top of that, I have no desire to return to constant traveling appreciate our parents did throughout our childhood. It’s aggravating paying top dollar for a hotel room with a terrible cooling system, but that’s what I’m faced with half of the time I get on a trip or getaway. When our wifey told myself and others that we’d be getting a room while traveling for our daughter’s dance recital, I wasn’t holding our breath that it would come with a superb cooling system. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the cooling system in our hotel room. My expectations for the hotel room’s cooling system were so low that it truly surpassed them. I asked the lobby about the cooling systems plus they claimed that the ACs were all upgraded a month prior, making them almost new in quality plus condition.