My dream is to own my own HVAC company

I am an HVAC technician now, but I do not plan to be just an HVAC technician for the rest of my life.

I did not become a master HVAC technician just so that I could work for some other HVAC technician.

I don’t want to just make the owner of some random HVAC company rich. One day, I plan to start my own HVAC company. I don’t want to work on HVAC units for my entire life. Don’t get me wrong. I love working in HVAC units. If I didn’t want to work on HVAC units, I would have never decided to become an HVAC technician. There are so many other types of businesses that I could have started. However, I like working on HVAC units. However, what I really want to do is own my own HVAC company. I would love to guide other HVAC technicians. I would love to run the company that provides so much HVAC support to my city. Right now, the only thing that is stopping me is experience. I may be a master HVAC technician, but I do not have the experience needed to run my own HVAC company. I am currently working as an HVAC technician while I finish a business degree. Once I am a very competent HVAC technician, I plan to leave this HVAC company and start a new HVAC company in a different area. I do not want to compete with my old HVAC company because I really like them. They have helped me so much. I would like to run a small HVAC company in a decent-sized town that doesn’t have an HVAC company. This is my goal.


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