Learned it from the HVAC guy

If you ever injure yourself try using ice and then heat repeatedly for a few days and see how it helps with healing.

  • I’ve had many many ligament and tendon injuries and have discovered the secret of healing them using hot and cold therapy consecutively over the first few days of the injury.

I am doing it now with my knees and today is day one of my treatment plan. I put some cold bags on them for twenty minutes and then I follow it immediately with some hot water bags for another twenty minutes. This heating and cooling cycling seems to really help speed up the recovery time with injuries like this to the joints. I learned this a few years ago from this new contractor at a local business and it has proven to work very well in healing injuries that seemed to be really bad at first. My knees are grinding and in pain and I am doing this therapy on them right now to see how it works, and I am hoping it is as effective as it has always been over the years. I sometimes sit beside my hydronic heater after icing my knees to get them warm again before walking, and it really seems to warm them up a lot faster than sitting in front of an HVAC vent with the central heating system on full blast. I think hot and cold water is the best way to transfer heat and coolness to the skin as opposed to using hot or cold air to do the same.

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