Dislike the basement heater

I’ve become more nostalgic as time goes on plus as more of our life is in the rearview mirror.

I still look forward to good times in the future however a lot of our life has passed myself and others by plus I enjoy to reminisce about it from time to time.

I say a lot of our life is in the past because I am absolutely over 2 thirds of the way through our life, maybe even less. My buddy plus I were talking about death last night plus how unscary it honestly is, as the two of us won’t know when it happens. Ductwork cleaning plus repairs for our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier are more scary to myself and others than death because of some of the mean rats I have encountered in attics plus basements. One time, there were so various rats in this 1 basement, our dad plus I got BB guns plus tried shooting them so the two of us could get our toil done without getting attacked. I don’t suppose the two of us hit 1 the whole time. Dad owned a local supplier plus did a lot of heating plus cooling system repairs plus service work. I helped him when I was off of university plus l earned quite a bit over those summers toiling with him. She is still running the heating corp that she began with a local contractor over 50 years ago, but I suppose she is going to hang up the boots soon plus prefer some time off for a change. I plan on toiling in the industry for another 15 years before I too call it quits.
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