My HVAC system is in need of repairs

I always care about at least having a single goal for the New Year… My first goal that I think of completing this month is getting our heating and air conditioner equipment finally taken care of, then I started having complications with our heating and air conditioner unit in late November… But since Christmas was coming, I knew I needed to set aside money for presents, and not heating and A/C repairs… Then blessedly, as much as I care about the work of heating and A/C professionals, it is quite extravagant! And there was no way I would be able to afford it and Christmas, and so I dealt with over a month’s worth of no heating or cooling, and it was tough.

I was counting down the afternoons until New Years and past Christmas, where I could finally focus on having usual indoor temperature control back.

I could finally afford the air conditioner repair, however there was a single other problem, but the air conditioner corporations were closed on New Years. This meant I had to go another day without a heating and A/C appointment. This was irritating for sure, but I had gone this long without heating and air conditioner, so I could go another day longer. When the next day came, almost as soon as they opened, I called them. I wanted to be the first call and appointment of the day. Thankfully I was, and I tied up our cooling appointment for later today. I had to pay extra to have the air conditioner worker come out on such short notice; however, it was worth it. I had gone long enough without a usual oil furnace and air conditioner.

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