Her central A/C was not cooling which was maddening

Ed had been working non stop to make her business succeed. This all began when she lost her job while my buddy and I were in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Ed had been thinking for a long time about going into business, even though she never did. Ed felt scared about what that would mean, plus not being able to make enough currency to cover her bills. However, when Ed lost her job, all her worries went right out the window. She found herself needing to find another job, or venture into her dream. Ed chose the latter, plus sunk a great portion of her savings to start. Thankfully, things started looking up by the end of 2020. In giant part, people being stuck at the condo made it easier for Ed to reach them when advertising her products on social media. That first summer time working from the condo had been taxing for Ed. It seemed there was an issue with her A/C that she wasn’t sure how to fix. Her A/C was running but not cooling which Ed found to be quite maddening. She chose to take the risk plus book for an A/C inspection even though those were alarming times. Ed had to find a solution for her faulty A/C since she was stuck working from home, plus the summer time heat was brutal. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C expert who came to the condo took all precaution, plus she managed to notice the A/C had a blocked condenser coil. Ed had been waiting with bated breath to recognize cool air coming from her vents. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech did a great job, plus Ed managed to work comfortably for the entire summer.


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