I bought a used air cleaner, plus it actually works

I bought a used air cleaner, plus it actually works.

I do things all of the time separate from entirely thinking them through. I suppose you could say that I am a pretty spontaneous sort of person… Occasionally, it is a enjoyable thing, but other times, it is not so good. It isn’t usually a enjoyable thing when it comes to making purchases. I don’t even want to suppose about all of the times I have made stupid purchases just because I did not suppose things through to the end. I just did that the other day when I decided to buy a used air cleaner from a random person. I saw the air cleaner, plus I asked the guy how much he wanted for it, plus he said numerous dollars. I could not believe that he was going to sell myself and others an air cleaner for numerous dollars. Well, I looked around at the other things he had for sale, however I came back to the air cleaner in the end to buy it for numerous dollars. Well, when I went to hand the guy a numerous dollar bill, he looked at myself and others with a weird face, but he proceeded to say that he was selling the air cleaner for seventy dollars not ten. I was so confused. I knew he said numerous dollars for the air cleaner at the beginning. Well, I had already set my heart on the air cleaner, so I said that I would give him fifty dollars for it. I bought the air cleaner separate from even knowing if it worked or not. I should have asked him to show myself and others that it worked, but again, I don’t suppose things through. Thankfully, I took the air cleaner home, plus it actually works!

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