Welcoming the smart thermostat with open arms

I finally do confess that adding a smart temperature control to our home was way overdue, and that’s squarely on me.

For the longest time, I was just sort of resistant to the idea of getting a smart temperature control.

For a single thing, I just wasn’t interested in learning more technology. Over the last 24 years I have incorporated more technology into my life than I ever thought I would. And it’s even getting to a point where I cannot get our work done inside the zone controlled heating, ventilation, and A/C luxury of the office without all kinds of technology. And that always kind of makes myself and others feel sort of too dependent when it comes to all the conveniences and technology advancements. Additionally, I have always been the guy who certainly pays attention to where the temperature control is all the time. This is because I am the one who makes sure that we have an a/c strategy going into the summer. I do my part to make sure the apartment is ready and sealed up tight. But I also go into the summer thinking about current ways to save when it comes to the a/c demand. We live in a region where heat and humidity are intense for a stretch of about ten weeks. And without reining in that utility cost, a/c can get costly very quickly. So I always paid attention and kept a pretty strict discipline when it came to temperature control control. So I guess having the smart temperature control was also kind of giving up that job in the apartment when it came to our finances. But I have to say that smart temperature control is the indisputable champion when it comes to saving on the heating and cooling costs inside our home.


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