My air cleaner stopped laboring

My air cleaner stopped laboring, however i am not sure if it is something that I did wrong, or if the air cleaner literally just died on me. Either way, I don’t have an air cleaner right now, but the air cleaner that I have was given to myself and others by a friend, so I don’t actually think how old it is. It still looks nice, plus it was well taken care of, but it could be a entirely old air cleaner, plus maybe, that is why it quit. I don’t think the least bit about air cleaners, so there is no way that I will be able to fix my air cleaner. I have one neighbor who is enjoyable at those sorts of things, but he is entirely busy with work right now, so I don’t want to ask him to take some of his precious free time just to see if he can fix my air cleaner. I suppose I am simply going to have to look into getting a modern air cleaner. I hope that I can find one easily. To me, right now is the best time to have an air cleaner because of the virus going around. I entirely don’t want to get sick, plus having an air cleaner makes myself and others recognize safer from the virus. I think that I could get the virus with or separate from an air cleaner, but the virus does travel through the air, so there is a chance that my air cleaner could save myself and others from getting the virus. Even if the chance is small, I still would care about to have an air cleaner in my house, however matter of fact, I would actually care about to have two air cleaners in my home if possible.

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