Loving good sunshine and good heating, ventilation, and a/c

When my associate and I first moved down here, it was all about the sunshine, good weather, and getting outside.

  • That’s the way it is for every couple that retires to the south.

Our entire adult lives were spent in a region where the winters were brutal and came with a heavy dose of heating from a gas furnace. Of course, the older my spouse and I got, the more the effects of that sort of winter time took hold. It got to the point where even superb residential heating, ventilation and A/C wasn’t enough to keep us comfortable while in those brutal winters. So we started making plans to retire to the land of the heat pump about five or so years before my associate and I retired. In a way, that was the smartest way to go about it, as it was good to just be able to have all that time to find just the right locale and just the right house. Of course, when you live where the winter time weather allows you to be outside almost every afternoon, there is not a good demand for heating. In fact, the heat pump pretty much stays quiet all winter. But of course, there’s a trade off as my associate and I need lots more air conditioner than we ever had in our lives. But my friend and I did another smart thing when we first moved down here. We both added a sunroom to our beach cabin, and that is even coming in more handy, now that we’ve been here and retired for 12 years. There are nights where I absolutely want to get some sunshine, but it’s just too hot outside. So having a ductless heat pump inside the sunroom allows us all to still get our sunshine dose with an equal dose of air conditioning.



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