Awesome heating, ventilation and a/c comfort

It’s only been a few nights, but I’d have to say that this was the best Christmas I’ve had since I’ve been married, and that’s going on twenty years now.

It’s not that all those preceding yuletides were horrible or anything like that, but I sure did appreciate being in our own beach cabin and enjoying the sort of quality heating and air that I wanted.

For nearly two decades, my fiance and I have traveled up north to spend the holidays with her parents. It’s consistently been Thanksgiving with our parents and Christmas up north. I’m southern, so going to where you need a gas furnace is not all that lovely to me. I don’t like the cold at all, but my associate and I made the trek every single year, and I just dealt with it. But the ironic part of all of this was the fact that our in-laws kept their cabin like a sauna with the thermostat setting. It was consistently so hot in that cabin that I had to balance it by going out into the cold as well. However, the teenagers are now at an age where they want to be with their friends for the Christmas month, so I leveraged that position. This year, the grandparents came to see us, and I was able to keep the thermostat on a comfortable setting as the weather was spectacularly hot down here. My friend and I also have zone controlled heating, ventilation and A/C, so our in-laws had a thermostat in their room that they could get as much heating from the heating, ventilation and A/C as they wanted. It absolutely was such a good Christmas, and I loved spending it inside the central air conditioning comfort of home.

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