Body art is easier than just tattoos.

Whenever I thought of body art, I thought of tattoos, but i always friend art with paintings, pictures, or some other medium that gets put on paper or cardboard.

I was at a body art show, and I had my entire method of body art changed… There were people with the most amazing tattoos I had ever seen.

They were showing people with piercings that were so particular and fascinating that I could take my eyeah off them, then some people had their entire bodies painted with regular body paint. I barely noticed that the people were naked, unless it was a man, and they had tights on; One woman looked care about she had jeans and a t-shirt on! Another woman looked care about they covered her in flowers of every kind. I was so interested in the body art display that I didn’t realize how much time had passed; My friend came over and told myself and others it was time to go. That’s when I noticed she had a design on her face and down her hands that was charming. It was so delicate and intricate that I almost cried from the beauty of it. I asked her what her parents were going to say when they saw she had the tattoo on her body. She told myself and others it was henna and it would fade in a couple of weeks. She just wanted to be a part of the body art display and she let them put the henna on her. I wished I had found her sooner. I would have enjoyed to have the henna on my arms and face.

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