Water heater age?

My water heating system is particularly nearing the end of its repair life, and i have been procrastinating over buying and installing a new a single.

I did some research and l received that a tank-style water heating system properly lasts between more than seven and twelve years. I wasn’t exactly sure of the age of our water heater; Most articles I read recommended replacing the heating system prior to it failing. I can see the wisdom in being proactive. It would be nice to avoid the unpleasant surprise of having no hot water for our day shower in the middle of the winter. I’m sure a new water heating system would be more energy efficient. I am just reluctant to spend the currency on the purchase price and installation. I don’t want to attempt the job myself. I’d need to hire a professional plumber to ensure common sizing and get rid of the old tank. I would either need to take a day off from work or sacrifice our Thursday. I decided to start by confirming the age of the water heater. I found the serial number on the bottom section of the tank. Unluckyly, the tank is in such awful condition, the built-in date wasn’t legible. I then dug through our collection of owner’s manuals and found the a single for the water heater. I had written the serial number on the owner’s manual, by putting the manufacturer’s name and serial number into Google, I figured out the exact age of the model. My water heating system is sixteen years old. I am now in a hurry to get a new water heating system installed as soon as possible.


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