Inhospitable terrain requires newer solutions

I first got the idea from an article about modular military housing solutions, back in the seasoned afternoons if a soldier wanted to rest they usually had to dig a foxhole as well as climb inside… Thankfully the military has evolved over the years, as well as made a priority out of housing as well as protecting their soldiers in the field.

The article had a lot of information about how the Core of Engineers had developed a series of lightweight as well as very portable facilities for their enlisted men, as well as I knew it was something I could use, but i have a work crew out on the open range, as well as usually the two of us stay out there for more than two to several weeks at a time. The article on modular military housing solutions opened my eyup to making all of us a lot more comfortable living outdoors! Since the two of us didn’t have any running water I didn’t bother buying any portable showers, although I did invest in portable restrooms, if only for the sake of privacy. I also got a modular shipping container home, which I converted into a makeshift barracks so 8 people at a time would have a place to sleep, then having portable restrooms as well as a safe place to sleep made a lot of difference in the morale of my employees! We are all a lot happier now, thanks to mobile event solutions, which means the two of us are getting more work done, as well as earning more afternoons off. I never thought that shipping container homes could be so useful, however now I consider them to be an essential section of my business.

Mobile Restroom Solutions