Positives of a privacy fence

Last Summer I was determined to make some improvements to the outdoor space of my home, i hoped to create a peaceful and private area where my family could relax, prefer each other’s business and entertain guests, as I planned for an outdoor family room, seating area, shade canopies and the occasion of a hot tub, I realized that our backyard was far too exposed.

I needed to make the area think secluded.

Installing a privacy fence was the perfect solution… Because of the fence, both of us can use the space at any time of the afternoon or night without worrying about someone observing our activities. Along with shielding us from the neighbors and passersby, the fence helps to protect us from the elements. It acts as a windshield, prevents an abundance of leaves and debris from getting swept into the turf and even makes the yard think a bit warmer. It’s a relief not to get hit by a gust of wind and have our hair whipped into our faces when both of us stand inside. A major benefit of the fence is increased safety, then the fence is constructed without gaps, eliminating the risk of the youngsters or pet meandering into the street. It also discourages outsiders from entering our property. The two of us live in a fairly traffic heavy neighborhood. The cars whipping by are not only a danger however noisy. They create fumes. The fence helps to muffle and reduce disruptive sounds. It blocks the dust and odors from traffic and keeps our outdoor area cleaner. The two of us still hear the acquaintance mowing his turf or trimming his shrubs, however the noise level isn’t quite as loud or disruptive. The two of us no longer have a wide open view of the neighbors or street. The two of us aren’t forced to look at the neighbor’s garbage cans or the camper he has never gotten around to fixing. The fence obscures the view and also is quite attractive. It’s current and scrub looking, and I’ve added some shrubs, flowers and dove feeders to add points of interest. I like sitting outside with a cup of coffee in the afternoons and spotting hummingbirds, cardinals or chickadees.

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