Scheduling professional cleaning at the airport

They dusted the table tops, window sills and mantle

My husband and I move back and forth between various separate residences… Our goal is to enjoy the best weather in each location; Every one of us originally lived for half the year in the north and the other half in the south, then however, our kids have all moved south, and we now have various grandkids! I’ve started spending less time in the northern house, but because our workload is handled actually online, I can do our job from virtually somewhere; My husband owns and operates grape vineyards, but there are certain times of year when he had no choice but to remain up north. I recently spent six weeks living in our southern lake house while our husband was dealing with harvest up north; When it was time for myself and others to join him, I was uneasy about the condition of the home. My husband is not superb about cleaning up after himself. He doesn’t notice dusty surfaces, cobwebs in corners or dirty sinks. I didn’t want to walk in the door and immediately recognize the need to start scrubbing; Keeping up with the essential tasks of various homes is challenging. I knew there would be a long list of jobs to keep myself and others busy. I finally went online and researched professional cleaning companies in the area. I found a business with very superb reviews and filled out the contact form. I was able to schedule a whole-house cleaning for the morning prior to our arrival. The cleaning crew went through the home and washed the countertops, vacuumed the carpets and mopped the kitchen floor. They scrubbed the sinks, toilets and showers. They dusted the table tops, window sills and mantle. The maintenance wasn’t overly high-priced and eliminated a great deal of stress. I arrived at a scrub and fresh-stinking home.

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