The tree damage was severe after the storm

Hurricanes provide lots of rain and wind and during the season when there are many, the rain and wind can be very overwhelming and cumbersome.

  • We had three hurricanes hit the area this year and they really caused a ton of damages everywhere.

The first storm took out power to the city for two days. The second storm didn’t cause any power outages, but the flood damage was severe. The third storm had the most powerful winds. The winds were so forceful that it knocked over several trees in the neighborhood. These trees have stood tall and strong for fifty years or more, but the winds blew them over like they were toothpicks. One row of trees caused major damage to the school where my children attend classes. The three large pine trees fell over and crushed half the school.The roof, walls, and parking lot were all damaged badly and half of the roof was sitting in the gymnasium and cafeteria. The school had to close down for a week while a commercial roofing company cleaned up the mess and repaired the roof. The roofing company must have cost a fortune. I had to get some roof repairs completed last year and it was almost two grand just for a couple of patches in the living room. I don’t think they covered more than a piece of plywood worth of roof, but I still had to pay all those fees. I can’t begin to imagine how much it would cost to replace the entire roof over the gym and the cafeteria.


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