Mr. Simmons’ heat pump could talk, allegedly!

I was having one of those days where everything seemed to be against me.

I woke up late because, during the night, my furnace kept rattling, which had kept me up for several hours.

After realizing I was late, I jumped into the shower only to realize there was no hot water. It was a cold day because winter was right around the corner, and so the cold water made me angrier and cold. Though the HVAC equipment was on, I could hardly feel the warmth. I needed to call an HVAC repairman when I got to the office. My car had a puncture, so I grabbed a taxi, and don’t mention the traffic build-up. When I got to the office, I wished to return home and finish the day. After settling in at work, I went for a coffee, the only thing I was looking forward to. As I waited for the coffee maker, I overheard conversations among some of my older colleagues. Mr. Simmons was talking about how his heat pump could speak. He went on about how the HVAC system talked to him at night but could not remember the message. I burst out laughing, only to realize Mr. Simmons was being sarcastic. From the furnace/heater repairs, the HVAC technician diagnosed the unit with dirty furnace filters and an overheating blower motor. Since Mr. Simmons seemed to know more about heating, I requested contact from the same local HVAC company since my unit also needed HVAC maintenance and heat pump service. My day got better after that morning. I scheduled for help with indoor comfort and was sure that evening I would enjoy quality heating from the serviced system. I still remember Mr. Simmons’ talking system to date.

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