We almost forgot about the furnace when we were planning the ball

The annual dinner ball is a time for young people to meet and celebrate life and our culture.

  • In our hometown, we always celebrate the annual dinner ball with music, dancing, and many different delicacies.

I offered to help with the preparation of the last ball, and I commend the organizers because a lot of work goes into making the ball a success. We spoke to caterers, party decorators, security men, and DJs. We had a few weeks left to prepare for the ball. When we had everything ready, there was a rainstorm as we were heading to winter. I noticed the heat pump was not working and alerted the senior maintenance department. We should have checked the HVAC systems. Because of all the things she still had to do, she requested I take over the HVAC equipment and ensure it provides quality heating efficiently before the day of the dinner ball. Fortunately, I have a friend who knows more about heating than I and he works at the local HVAC company as an HVAC technician. My friend agreed to come to check on the unit as soon as he could. He went with a few HVAC repairmen and ran a comprehensive heat pump service as part of the annual HVAC maintenance. This process took almost three hours. To help with indoor comfort, they changed the dirty furnace filters with new and clean ones, improving indoor air quality. They also ran a few furnace/heater repairs on the furnace in the kitchen. We had everything ready with two left to the ball. When it finally happened, the decorations and the entire experience were as incredible as every year. The quality of indoor comfort was unmatched, thanks to the local company.

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