My first-year experience learning more about heating

I was elated that I was going away to college, but mum had mixed feelings.

She was happy for me but sad to see her kid move far away.

I knew and expected mum would feel this way, but I reassured her that I would care for myself. The first year was absolutely insane, to mean amazing. The apartment my parents put me in had a great HVAC system that worked all year round. It was a heat pump, as such systems have heating and cooling capabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about heating so that eventually, after graduating, I would be licensed to help with indoor comfort on a larger scale. I was training to become an HVAC technician. My dream was to work with one of the most renowned HVAC companies in the country. During the first few classes, the lectures exposed us to various HVAC equipment, and we learned how they ran and the best ways to prolong their lifespan and increase their efficiency. We would have different experienced and renowned HVAC repairmen give lectures and tips on mastering any HVAC maintenance process. I could outline the chronologic steps of the heat pump process a few months into starting college. I also recorded the fastest time to perfectly remove a dirty furnace filter, clean it, and re-install it. The highlight of my year was when we visited my dream company and had a session with the top HVAC professionals. These professionals were behind in providing quality heating in numerous homes and business premises. The first system I ever worked on independently was the furnace, and it took me four hours to complete a furnace/heater repair. I have gotten better at it, though. It was a fantastic year, the first of the rest of my career.
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