My dad runs a high end a/c company

I sure didn’t guess lucky, & eventually I had to tell our dad the truth

Ever since I can remember, our dad at any given occasion would talk about his heating & air conditioner company… He was easily proud of it, & if you dared ask about his Heating & A/C corporation, then be prepared for an earful. He would tell his air conditioner company to anyone he knows, & I easily believe his excessive talking about it has done better advertising for his supplier than the actual advertising! As I grew older, it became quite obvious that our dad expected for myself and others to take control of his air conditioner company when I was older, and since I was the only child, that privilege was passed down to me. However, there was 1 problem with that, I didn’t have any interest in running a Heating & A/C company, and i absolutely easily disliked the idea of running a business, although I didn’t want to crush our dad either, and when I was in high school & graduation was getting closer, I started dreading it more & more, because I knew as soon as I graduated our dad was going to expect myself and others to become a Heating & A/C worker, however thankfully, I ended up finding a solution… A good friend of mine, upon hearing of the Heating & A/C job field, enjoyed the idea. She was 1 of the few people that absolutely listened to our dad when he would passionately talk about his task. She told myself and others she would enjoy to have a Heating & A/C supplier & how I was lucky. I sure didn’t guess lucky, & eventually I had to tell our dad the truth. As I expected he was crushed, although I told him about our friend’s interest. They already had a good relationship, so he was willing to accept her. I still believe he is disappointed, although I believe our friend will be a good business owner & a/c worker.


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