I didn’t understand the fuss over heated floors

Some of the things that people fuss over baffle me.

There are always trends coming and going, and it always starts the same. Some item or product becomes popular, and people jump on the bandwagon and love it for a while. You can’t escape it, it’s everywhere for the next few weeks or months. Then, as soon as the novelty wears off, the product is dropped like a sack of potatoes and there is a new trend. It seems like the newest trend is heated flooring. I am not sure when this trend started, but a lot of people seem to obsess over radiant heated flooring. I now know 3 different people that all got heated floors around the same time, and honestly I don’t get it. I mean I am not really surprised, I don’t usually care for trends to begin with. But getting HVAC heated floors just seems pointless to me. Because of this trend, all of the HVAC corporations this year are pretty busy, trying to fulfill all of these appointments for heated floor installation. I went over to one of my friend’s homes that has this flooring, and I wasn’t impressed. It just seems like it is overrated to me. But at least a lot of my friends love it. However, I still believe that this is a trend, and in the next 6 months, if that, it will be dropped and forgotten about, and then the next new thing will be all over and the cycle repeats.

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