I was having a difficult time concentrating.

I thought it was supposed to be the spouse who had a difficult pregnancy, but I was wrong.

  • My dad told myself and Pat that whenever she had an ache, I would have a pain, and I didn’t understand until a couple of days ago.

The doctor had told us Pat was close and it would only be a couple of days until the baby was born. I was still taking shifts at work, and constantly looking for her name to pop up on our cellphone. I soon realized that whenever Pat had a gas pain, she was calling myself and others thinking that she was in labor; After a week of this, I was getting to the point where I could barely concentrate. I was an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier and no 1 wanted a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C tech to be distracted when now working on their furnace. All I had to do was forget 1 little thing, and it could cause some drastic concerns with the furnace, but one day, I was talking to my client about their heat exchanger, when our iphone started going off. I tried to ignore the ringing, but my client told myself and others to answer the iphone. I apologized and told them Pat was going to be going into labor any time now, and she panicked with every gas pain. The spouse chuckled, and his spouse slapped him. He said he was getting iphone calls every few minutes while in her pregnancy. I didn’t believe so bad, but I wanted to get through their furnace repairs before she called again. Five hours later Pat called and said her water broke. I had to leave the furnace to a colleague amidst the laughter of our client and his spouse.



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