We got an HVAC appointment for November 6.

September had barely began when I called the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company to ask for an appointment and to have our furnace diagnosed.

  • The person who answered my iphone call suddenly put myself and others on hold and I waited for almost 15 minutes before she remembered that I was holding, but she didn’t option up the iphone, but an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C rep did.

He asked if he could help and I told him how long it had been since the secretary placed myself and others on hold. He told myself and others she had just gone out for breakfast and asked if I wanted to call back in an hour. I was at task when I called to make a furnace cleaning appointment. I had spent the entire breakfast on the iphone waiting for her to take myself and others off hold. I wasn’t going to wait 5 minutes longer. I asked him to make the appointment for me. He told myself and others the earliest appointment he saw on the calendar wasn’t until November 6. I refused to wait that long. In our area, it could be snowing and the winter weather could be below cold. I wasn’t going to wait that long to have a simple cleaning and inspection completed. I told him I would make an appointment with a strange Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company before I waited for more than 2 weeks to have the furnace checked. He apologized to me, and said he would have the secretary call back as soon as she got back from breakfast. Less than an hour later she was calling myself and others and giving myself and others an appointment for just 2 days later. I was so angry that I told her what I thought about her leaving myself and others on hold and then going out for breakfast. She apologized and told myself and others she was very up-to-date in the office, but that didn’t make myself and others any less angry.


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