I called the number for the dealership.

I was trying to get assistance last week, when my natural gas furnace started making some absolutely unusual sounds.

I rummaged through more than two or 3 junk drawers before I could get the Heating plus A/C supplier dealer card.

I must have found fifty other dealer cards before I found the right one. I wished I had found the newest business card after calling the number more than two times plus getting the exact same response. Every time I called, I got a message that said that the number was no longer in service. I cursed at the Heating plus A/C supplier for not telling myself and others they had moved. Then I began cursing because I thought they may have changed their contact number. I couldn’t figure out what had happened, although I was sure it was something my Heating plus A/C supplier had done. When my hubby got home, I told him that I couldn’t get through to the Heating plus A/C supplier because they must have either closed, or changed their iPhone number. Bob looked at the dealership card I was using plus started laughing. Bob went to the refrigerator plus took the magnet down, that every one of us had gotten from the Heating plus A/C supplier. There was a current address plus iPhone number for out Heating plus A/C supplier. I felt quite foolish, because I had forgotten every one of us had gotten the magnet. Bob called the Heating plus A/C supplier plus set up the appointment for the following afternoon, when Bob would be home. Although Bob hugged myself and others plus told myself and others that he loved me, I still felt like an idiot. I couldn’t figure how I was able to miss such a huge magnet on the front of the refrigerator, announcing the current address plus current iPhone number of the Heating plus A/C supplier.

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