A very short HVAC tech.

I know that people didn’t take myself and others severe when I showed up at their door. I was a Heating plus A/C service expert, although I was only 3’ 10” tall. I was more of a novelty to all the people plus many thought I was a child prodigy, just one time, I wanted someone to see myself and others as a pro Heating plus A/C service expert plus not as a circus freak. One person asked if my parents knew I was outside alone, plus I shook my head plus asked where the gas furnace was. She didn’t even want to let myself and others into the house. I had to call the Heating plus A/C supplier plus have them tell her I was one of their service experts plus I was okay to be allowed in. I was getting embarrassed plus irritated, plus I didn’t want to task on her gas furnace. If my boss hadn’t told myself and others that it was my task, I would have left plus let someone else repair the natural gas furnace for me, then last week, I had my wifey with myself and others when I got a iPhone call from a regular customer. She needed myself and others to help her with her thermostat. It was cold out plus I asked if it would be okay for my wifey to go in the apartment with me. My boss didn’t care if the homeowner didn’t mind. An hour later, I was in the apartment plus replacing the thermostat. My wifey was speaking to the owner’s wifey plus the hubby tap myself and others on the shoulder. He asked how a wee fellow like myself and others got a hot woman like that to marry me? He laughed plus said he would have given his left leg if his woman were that elegant. I felt sorry for his wifey.