The puppy was a monster.

Before every one of us enter an apartment to do repairs on an Heating plus A/C system, the HVAC dispatcher calls the apartment owner and they need to put all animals into cages or kennels.

When I was getting ready to go to the last repair of the shift, the dispatcher asked if I would be okay with a little puppy running around? I was fantastic with a puppy, however huge dogs plus i did not get along at all.

When I went to the house, I knocked on the door plus pulled out my Heating plus A/C ID badge to show to the owner. I heard what sounded like Kujo plus not a puppy, barking inside the door. I called the dispatcher to make sure she had given myself and others the correct address, however the owner had already opened the door. She apologized plus sent the monster Kujo to his room. I asked if she had a puppy plus she told myself and others he was a little puppy. She apologized for his misbehaving plus asked myself and others to come in plus she could show myself and others where the natural gas furnace was. I was hesitant walking into the apartment when there was a huge St. Bernard laying behind her plus only being held by a leash. She told myself and others he was just a little puppy plus he would not hurt a flea. When I was finished with the natural gas furnace repair, I knocked on the basement door to get the owner’s attention. She had the monster dog on her lap when I got into the living room, plus I refused to discuss the bill with her if he wasn’t in a proper cage. When she said she didn’t have one, I walked out the backdoor plus said I would send my bill to her.


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