He turned the pipe into a jail cell.

I walked out of the natural gas furnace room plus leaned against the door

I seldom get an opportunity to laugh so richly that my sides ache, however that is what happened last week. I had hot tears running down my cheeks plus my sides were aching. I was laughing so loud that it was all I could do to breathe. I heard my hubby Bob calling my name, although I didn’t guess where he was. I was fairly particular that the sound was coming from the natural gas furnace room. I made my way through the basement to the natural gas furnace room! When I opened the door, I took one look at Bob plus I burst out laughing, the angrier he got at myself and others for laughing, the harder I laughed! Bob found a leak in the tepid water pipes that come from the boiler. Bob went to neighborhood plus bought current pipes plus started welding them together! By the time Bob realized he was making the task harder than it should be, he also realized he had turned the pipe into a prison. I had to hold Bob’s hand while he stepped over the pipe plus tried not to trip. I wasn’t sure what I could do, but Bob was asking if I was going to help him. I tried not to laugh again, however just seeing the look on Bob’s face, had myself and others giggling again. Bob told myself and others that if I wasn’t going to help him, I should get out of the gas furnace room. I walked out of the natural gas furnace room plus leaned against the door. Two minutes later, Bob pulled the door opened plus asked if I was done laughing at him. I tried to nod, however when I saw Bob’s face plus looked at the pipes, the giggles started up again.

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