Savings in the bank after another summer of HVAC cooling

So it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m pleased to report that it comes with zero amounts of HVAC cooling. This is pretty normal from where we live. The air conditioning or HVAC cooling is on for the better part of 8 months of the year though. We only have about four months that require HVAC cooling to be going night and day though. The rest of the time, the HVAC cooling is on but the load is reduced from the type of summer load that is put on the HVAC unit. So this time of year, it’s really nice to sit back knowing that we are in for a bunch of savings from the utility costs during the summer. Additionally, I love to sit back this time of year and go over the amount of money I saved on HVAC cooling over the past summer. While this wasn’t a record breaker for me this summer, it was certainly top 10. Having grown up in this area, you learn early on that spending too much on HVAC cooling really isn’t appealing. Simply keeping a tight house and stopping direct sunlight heating is a great way to save money on air conditioning. Of course, the biggest factor in saving money is thermostat setting discipline. During the summer, we keep our thermostat right around the lower 80s, but when it’s a hundred degrees outside, that sort of thermostat setting feels really nice. But more importantly it saves a ton of money when it comes to HVAC cooling.


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