I remember playing basketball in a cold gymnasium growing up

I loved playing sports with my friends at school. Before we had team sports, we’d play soccer on the playgrounds during recess. My favorite position to play in soccer was goalkeeper because I played this position in street hockey around this time as well. Goalkeeper was loads of fun because I could throw my body around to catch the ball and this led to some impressive saves at times. I also let in a ridiculous amount of goals at times as well, so it all balanced out in the end. It’s hard to stop all shots on a goal that large when you’re just one single person. While we played soccer during recess, we mostly played basketball during P.E. classes. For whatever reason, the coaches during gym class had an affinity for basketball beyond any other sport. We were forced to place basketball in that freezing cold gymnasium for the better part of five years worth of elementary school. I have heard that the elementary school’s gym has an upgraded heating system in it nowadays, but back then it was terrible. I guess the school only cared that we weren’t dying from hypothermia. As long as that was avoided, they were fine with us shivering during our time in that gym. It was despicable because the school spent money on other ridiculous investments before taking it upon themselves to improve the vastly deficient gym heating system. I just hope the rumors are true and that the elementary school’s gym now has a much better heating system inside of it. I can’t imagine today’s kids suffering in silence because of that dreaded gym’s faulty heating system.

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