Stronger air filters will sometimes restrict air flow in your system

I have an issue with feeling like my home is dirty in any way.

My parents had me cleaning religiously at a young age.

It was my job to do all of the dusting when I was too young to mow the lawn or clean the rain gutters. I took my job seriously and always tried to impress my parents with my attention to detail. We not only had those far reaching dusters with the feather-like heads to collect any physical dust particles coating surfaces in our home, but also a high powered vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter on the exhaust for collecting dust, dirt, and anything else in the house. With these sorts of tools at my disposal, I was able to get fairly proficient at keeping dust levels down in our home. It comes in handy nowadays as I’m living in my own home for the very first time. And since I live in a region that is extremely dusty, it inevitably gets into the house through doors and windows. I do whatever I can to keep it out of my indoor air, but dusting surfaces only goes so far. You have to utilize quality air conditioner filters as well, but this can be a double edged sword. I was using air conditioner filters that were too dense and the added filtration wasn’t worth losing so much air flow in the system. That can lead to performance drops and wear and tear on various parts within the system like the fan motor. I have learned from personal experience that the best air conditioner filters are the ones that are strong enough to collect mold spores along with dust and dirt, but not necessarily the ones that collect viral particles. However, if COVID exposure is a concern you might want to consider the strong air filter.


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